Quickly removes pet hair from clothes, furniture and car seats, leaving fabric smelling fresh and clean.

Key Benefits

Easy peel 

Product Information

Korbond's Pet Hair Roller is ideal for pet owners, slightly fragranced leaving a fresh clean aroma. Featuring the same benefits as our number one selling lint roller, this household essential provides 33 sheets (4.9 meter) of high quality adhesive which removes lint, dust and pet hairs from clothes, furniture and car seats.


1. Remove protective wrapper (but do not dispose of it). 
2. Using the pet hair roller, roll the sticky surface over fabric to remove particles. Repeat until satisfied. 
3. When finished, replace protective wrapper to preserve adhesive. 
4. When adhesive no longer picks up particles, carefully peel off the used top layer to reveal a new sticky surface underneath. 
5. Remove empty roll by puling firmly away from the handle. 
6. Replace with a Korbond Pet Hair Roller Refill.

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