Bone Content: 0%

Proteins Included: Beef

Suitable for: Dog & Cat 


Product Description

Minced beef liver

Pack Size: 1kg

Packaging: Tubular, clipped both ends

Great for liver cake recipes!! 

Feed as part of 10% secreting organ requirement. Liver should make up at least 5% of overall diet with remaining 5% made up of any other secreting organ (choose from liver, kidney, spleen, brain or pancreas)

Extra help: To calculate the 10% organ requirement, multiply total daily allowance by 0.1.

For example: If total daily food required is 750g - enter into calculator: 750 x 0.1 = (The Answer Displayed will be 75) - this means 75g per day will need to be secreting organ.

All raw products we sell, unless specified are classified FOR WORKING DOGS / COMPLIMENTARY FEED / WORKING DOG FOOD.

Happy Hounds Liver 1 Kg